HMS Breitbach Entrümpelungen

Caretaker Services and more!

H&C Service

Enjoy a little leisure. To the household we care!

Detail accuracy, meticulousness and quality service at a reasonable price -
You can expect this from HMS Breitbach Entrümpelungen.
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• Cooking

• Washing dishes

• Wipe with furniture

• Equipment cleaning

• We will do your purchase

• We empty the paper baskets

• Pet Care (short or long term)

• Washing and folding of laundry

• Cleaning of windows and mirrors

• Dust suction of carpet and carpets

• Sweeping, wiping and drying of soil

• Regular cleaning or cleaning on call

• Cleaning after the end of working day, with lock-up service

• Cleaning and disinfecting of bathrooms, toilets, bathtubs and showers

• More on request


HMS Breitbach Entrümpelungen

Raphael Breitbach
Bahnhofstraße 110
-D- 56170 Bendorf/Rhein

Tel: 02622 / 989 657 7....Fax: 02622 / 989 657 8

Mobil: 01520 / 7 64 40 40

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