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Caretaker Services and more!

Gardening and Grave maintenance

Garden maintenance

Lawn mowing - weed removal - leaf removal - watering flowers - hedge cut - plantings

Grass clippings

• Optionally with and without the retraction

Cutting back shrubs, bushes, hedges, trees

• Vegetation-related intervals, autumnal sections

Soil loosening, weed removal, vermin control

• Seasonal activities in the field of flower beds and plants

• Vermin control

• Treatment of plant diseases

Application of bark

• Application of bark, both to prevent weed growth and use thermal insulation during the winter period

Distance of foliage and irrigation of the green area

• Temporary autumn and winter activities with excessive accumulation of foliage
or all-year activities for the optical maintenance of the outdoor area

• Irrigation of shrubs, bushes, trees and outdoor plants

Grave maintenance

There are three types of grave maintenance that we offer you

Unique grave maintenance

• Preparing a grave after a bereavement

• Recession of woody plants and floor coverings

• Scatter with fresh grave earth or pine bark

• One-time changing planting

• Pour in the summer months

Annual grave maintenance

• Spring: horny violets, pansies, bellis, myosotis and ranunculus

• Summer: icebegonie, tubers, euphorbias and perennials

• Winter: heather, perennials and grasses

Durable grave maintenance

Permanent care includes all possible care

• Preparing a grave after a bereavement

• Design of a new plant or the transformation of an existing grave

• Regular cleaning

• Plantings according to the season

• Flower greetings to a special remembrance day

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HMS Breitbach Entrümpelungen

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