HMS Breitbach Entrümpelungen

Caretaker Services and more!

Caretaker Services

Supervisory tasks

• House management including incidental billing

• Monitoring of the overall condition of the property and the outdoor area (including closure service)

• Monitoring of garages / underground garages

• Monitoring of landfills and common areas (keeping clean, sweeping)

• Monitoring the technical rooms
(Oil storage, heating room, laundry, cellar rooms, storerooms, bicycle rooms, etc.)

• Check the functioning of the heating system (operation, venting, filling up the water, fuel supply)

• Monitoring the elevator system

• Smoke Detector CheckUp

• Call service (execution of errands)

Maintenance I

• Sealing change at water fittings

• Troubleshoot the function of door locks (exchange of lock cylinders)

• Change bulbs and fluorescent tubes

• Adjust or replace furniture fittings

• Repairing the damaged areas on wallpapers and doors

• Close small holes and cracks with filler

• Glue the chairs - Oil the hinges

• Installation of prefabricated fences (without foundations)

• Dry construction work

• Wallpapering with rawfiber and painting

Maintenance II

• Sweeping service, empty paper and waste baskets, garbage service

• Cleaning of walkways and courtyard areas

• Winter service (snow removal, spreading)*

• Clean up and waste disposal**

• Toilet care (soap, towels, paper)

• Clean the drain siphon

• Gutter cleaning

• Clean the floor channels, foot grids and water inlets

• Setup and connect TV, video, music and satellite equipment

• Setup and connect computer equipment

• Setup and program telephone systems

• Installation and commissioning of household and kitchen appliances

• Hang of lamps and pictures

• Tensioning of roller blinds

• Filter change in ventilation systems (exhaust air filter)

• Cooling the refrigerator

**Further information about the winter service here
**Further information about the clearing-out service here


HMS Breitbach Entrümpelungen

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