HMS Breitbach Entrümpelungen

Caretaker Services and more!

Company Profile

The company HMS Breitbach Entrümpelungen provides services in areas such as;
Janitorial, household and cleaning services, as well as the garden and grave care to.

We have set ourselves the task, reliably and responsibly, to fulfill all the tasks entrusted to us.

Our services are tailored to the interests and wishes of our clients.

Our goal

Relief of steward and owner.

The objective will be achieved by inter alia

• Objects in inventory 3-130 units - everything is possible

• An existing 24-hour hotline to accept, for example, interference

• Care of the bell and letterbox signs for uniform appearance

• Creation and maintenance of the appearence in the entrance area

• Knowledge and experience in the repair area, making the most damage,
either can be resolved directly from us or judges expertly.


HMS Breitbach Entrümpelungen

Raphael Breitbach
Bahnhofstraße 110
-D- 56170 Bendorf/Rhein

Tel: 02622 / 989 657 7....Fax: 02622 / 989 657 8

Mobil: 01520 / 7 64 40 40

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