HMS Breitbach Entrümpelungen

Caretaker Services and more!


We're going to pack!

Imagine it's moving -

Your move

- And no one will come to your aid.

This is the nightmare par excellence.
Friends and acquaintances have said they should be available as removal assistance
and in the end you will there ... stand alone. To avoid this horror scenario,
You can, for example, take advantage of our company's relocation assistance.

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HMS Breitbach Entrümpelungen

Raphael Breitbach
Bahnhofstraße 110
-D- 56170 Bendorf/Rhein

Tel: 02622 / 989 657 7....Fax: 02622 / 989 657 8

Mobil: 01520 / 7 64 40 40

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